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Zhurova Svetlana Sergeevna Member of the Organizing Committee of the Congress of sculptors. The russian master of the sport. Vice-speaker of RF State Duma.
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The workshop, chaired by Deputy Minister of RF Regional Development Ministry Yuriy Ugovich Reyljan

04 February 2011

At the meeting it was discussed the proposal of the Director of the International Festival of garden sculptures, A.V. Utkin to organize, as part of the preparation of Sochi for the XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014, the festival of sculptures.

The meeting was attended by:

From Ministry of  Regional Development of Russia



  Reyljan  Yuriy Ugovich

Deputy Minister for Regional Development


Yashkov Vladimir Alexeevich

Adviser of investment sector of  Olympic objects construction Coordination Department of Russian Ministry for Regional Development


  Lebedev Stanislav Dmitrievich

Deputy Director of Construction Coordination Department


  Golubev Boris Yurievich

Adviser of construction coordination sector


   Dobroskok Lydia Yurievna

Assistant of Legal Department


From the State Company "Olympstroy"



  Tyrtyshov Yuriy Pavlovich



  Kharchenko Oleg Andreevich

Chief Architect


Administration of Sochi City



  Pakhomov Anatoliy Nicolaevich

Mayor of Sochi City


  Rykov Anatoliy Nicolaevich

Deputy Mayor of Sochi City


From the organizing committee of the International Festival of a landscape gardening sculpture  



  Utkin Alexander Vladimirovich



  Pismak Georgiy Aleksandrovich



From the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Krasnodarsky area 




  Pashinin Alexey Alexeevich

Head of urban development provision Department


From Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Sochi 2014 "Organizing Committee"



  Likhachev Evgeniy Yurievich

Senior Manager by Cultural Olympic department


At the end of the meeting it was prepared protocol, which made the decision to approve the proposal to launch in 2011- 2013 in the city of Sochi, the annual International Festival of garden sculpture. Period of Festival would be from 1st of November till 1st of December 2011-2013. The placement of sculptures would be territory of Sochi with reference to the future concept of the architectural landscape of the city.